Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday 13

You may or may not know, this blog is the home of my new novel, The List (buy it on Amazon!).

Being a writer isn't all cupcakes and cookies, you know. There are some hard lessons to be learned. Here are 13 of mine.

1. Rejection is a hard pill to swallow. Hey, I expect rejection, but it can start to get you down.
2. Books don't sell themselves. Oh man! Shoot. :)
3. You have to spend money to make money. I'm trying to be smart about spending, I'm not paying any agents (bad, bad), I'm not paying for any reviews (can they be honest reviews if they're bought?), etc. I'm paying travel fees to attend signings and conferences and such.
4. You don't make money as fast as you spend it. :)
5. I didn't do this to make money, but I would like to not see those red, negative numbers in my balance sheet.
6. Getting someone to write a review is akin to getting a cat to do anything. Both are extremely difficult.
7. Some people are incredibly lazy, or dense, or both.
8. Some people can be outright cruel with their "constructive" help. Just like Simon and Paula on AI, I think there's a balance somewhere between being rude and lying to me to make me feel better.
9. Four star reviews are great! However, they still make you twinge for a five star. :)
10. Everyone's question to me is "When will you write the next one?" Dude, when would I have time, while I'm trying to sell this one?
11. There has got to be a better process for getting an agent. The current "send a query letter to a perfect stranger, they don't read it, receive rejection" just isn't a great way to go. :)
12. Even when you get an agent, I'm told the work doesn't stop. :)
13. Agents whine a lot. Authors whine a lot. Everyone whines. :)

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  1. I think your list has just put me off trying to write some short stories!!! ;0)

  2. Hang in there!

    How did the book signing go?

  3. The book signing hasn't gone yet. It's this Saturday! Woot!

  4. I would have made money on The Jim and Dan Stories, well I did, but then I reinvested in a book poetry and that hasn't made much and I haven't spent much time marketing it. Maybe the whole thing broke even but what a time I had. It was a big ripple out and a jumping off point for so much more.

  5. Yep, it's hard, but man, it's a rush.

    Drop me an e-mail about your interview idea. I'd consider it...

  6. Hmmm..... If being a writer isn't all cupcakes and cookies, where DID these extra pounds come from? ;)

  7. Don't give up! Determination will get you everywhere!

  8. You're an inspiration to me! Keep trying.

  9. And you wouldn't give it up for anything. Right?

  10. Great list, and so many that I've learned myself along the way as I to try to become a published author. My list is up at be sure to stop by

  11. Great list of things to learn, I especially have trouble with #4 I all too often spend as much as I make & then some.

  12. You speak the truth!!! Keep at the writing, you've obviously put in a lot of effort and eventually it will pay off (that's what I tell myself at any rate...)

  13. Good luck and have fun with your book signing!

  14. It sounds like you have both a realistic and an optimistic outlook on being a new author. Good luck in pursuing your dream.


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