Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Signing Update

Well, Saturday afternoon in Staunton, VA was just the most beautiful day. Best day of the year so far (thank goodness it's only March.) It was the perfect day for people to be out and about downtown, and brought some foot traffic into the bookstore.

I sold 3 books to people I didn't even know, by my sheer friendliness and self marketing. ;) Another book to the mom of a friend. So 4 books in 2 hours, not so shabby. Plus, some other people came by with their OWN COPIES and got a signature & chatted.

Here are some photos :)


  1. Hey, you're by Devereaux and Feehan! That's pretty awesome. Good placement!

  2. Big congrats! 4 books sold is awesome!

  3. It looks like your book is among good company. and cold selling 3 books is great! Congrats on this book signing!

  4. Now you gotta do a reading. I did a couple of booksignings right in my town and a reading too.


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