Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stylin' My Medal!

What to I have in common with Michael Phelps? A medal!

I just received my medal for my win in the Romance category for the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. It arrived with stickers to put on my book! Yippee! Check me out!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday 13 - "Twinterview" With Melanie Fine

I heart Twitter! I have met so many great people that I now consider friends! Everyone is willing to help each other out, post links, etc.

This week, I started a new activity on my Twitter account, an interview with one of these cool Twitterers, and called it a "Twinterview." Melanie Fine, fellow travel nut and good Twitterer, graciously said she would be my first Twinterview subject. We had a couple of people participate, and it was a success!

Here's what I discovered on our Twinterview about Melanie:

1. Melanie's favorite destinations are exotic ones. She'll be going to Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand in July (lucky dog)

2. Her trip after that will be a cruise to Egypt and Turkey on NCL. She likes the freestyle cruise.

3. She's been to Fiji - 14 years ago - and the Twitter tweeps want to go back. Except we don't want to do the activity with 6 foot bats!

4. But Melanie likes to watch her back-yard bats catch bugs in the evening (we had a small sidetracked conversation!)

5. She has also cruised to Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, Hawaii

6. She was a travel agent for 20 years.

7. She thinks that anyone can afford travel, it's a matter of priorities. (Cut out that daily Starbucks and go on a trip!)

8. Melanie says that Planning the next trip is the best way to get over the sadness of coming home from a trip, and I agree!

9. To book a trip, first she does lots of research and books the best trip for the best price.

10. Her suggestions for surviving long flights are a) hydrate and b) take things to entertain you. She's taking 5 movies on her 15-hour flight to Asia in July

11. She's too excited about her destination to sleep on the plane, so she sleeps when she gets there. She's getting better at napping on the plane

12. This trip will be a romantic getaway with her wonderful hubby!

13. You can find her on her various travel sites, her website and travel journal. She's also on Twitter at @MelanieFineEVI and you'll find her if you search on Facebook as well.

If you want to read the full chat, you can log into the chat room at Tweetizen (You'll want to enter the room called #twinterview)

Home of the new Thursday 13

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Interview

If you're not on Twitter, you probably need to be. Especially if you're trying to network your way to a goal.

That's where I met my new friend Malena, who interviewed me on Athenas Bookshelf. Here's the link, check it out!