Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Ever wish that you looked forward to snow days like kids do? Like you used to do when YOU were a kid? Snow days as an adult mean worrying about the morons on the road going faster than they know they should, shoveling sidewalks, cleaning off your car, etc. Well, today (barring a loss of power and no heat afterward) I'm going to go out and relive my youth. I'm going to play in the snow, I'm going to build a snowman, and I'm not going to even think about shoveling or cleaning off the car. Richmond seldom gets snow, much less the 7 inches that are still building in the backyard.

The good news is that this Saturday it's supposed to be back up into the 60s - it's good news because I have my very first in-person book-signing event, and I think more people are likely to show up if it's a nice day. Apparently, there's already an order for a book! Woot. :0)

So on this, my first snow day in years, I ask any authors out there to share their booksigning experiences, so I know what to expect. :)

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