Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 13: What I've Learned

One of the most-asked questions I get about my new book, The List (buy it on Amazon!) is how I wrote the book, and what I've learned. Here's a list of 13 answers to those questions.

1. I always think of my creative ideas in the middle of the night, like a dream.
2. Once I have an idea, it doesn't let go until I do something about it - write it down, etc.
3. I needed something to push me to write, I couldn't get motivated on my own, so I participated in National Novel Writing Month, at
4. For one month, I wrote about 3000 words per night to finish the contest.
5. I learned that I can do anything that I put my mind to.
6. I've also learned not to give up.
7. Another lesson: you have to fight for what you believe in. You'll have a lot of people tell you "no" or think you're crazy.
8. If you have other people that believe in you, it makes things easier.
9. Rejection letters are to be saved for when you are proven right, and then rolled around in. (This day has yet to come, but it will!)
10. Self-marketing is the hardest kind of marketing I've ever done.
11. I've also learned that a good editor is probably worth the outrageous price you'll pay.
12. Writing takes discipline. And patience. Both something I lack, but I learned.
13. Write what you know.

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  1. I get ideas at night too. Happy TT!

  2. I need deadlines too or all I do is surf blogs.

  3. Check out Claudia's Out on a Limb's TT today. I think the main thing for me is accepting the discipline of writing everything down as it comes. I'm a slave to the muse.

  4. I've always wanted to write a book. Even back in elementary school, I would say I wanted to be a writer. That is cool you have a book. Maybe someday I'll write one too. :)

  5. I have great respect for authors. It must take a lot of discipline and patience to write a book.

  6. I always write what I know......sometimes its tough!

  7. YAY!! Great list - of course. I think most of that is true. I guess as a middle child, I know that other people build strength. So I gathered my crowd and asked for help. That's what's worked for me! :)

    Good for you for just doing it!

  8. I SO hear you about self-marketing. I was wishing for a publicist I can afford just this morning.

    However, you should check out my Win a Book blog. Easy, free publicity!

  9. You've learned some great lessons!
    Thanks for visiting my TT.

  10. Those are good lessons learned. I'll think about that when I'm writing my first book!

  11. It always goes to say, you learn something new everyday!

  12. Hey girlfriend, just got Mr. Wonderful to buy me a copy of your book for Valentine's day. How romantic is that? So proud of go girl.


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