Monday, February 16, 2009

And the Winner Is. . .

Thanks to everyone who played in the Valentine's Day contest! I got nearly 20 new Facebook fans, and hopefully new friends of The List!

The deal was, if you became a Facebook fan, or if you were already a fan and left a comment, you received one entry in the contest. I put everyone's name into Jim's favorite baseball cap from our trip to Greece, and he had the honor of drawing a winner's name.

And the winner is . . . (drumroll, please)

VIRGINIA ESPARZA! Woot! (streamers fly, confetti drops, it's a big day.) Virginia wins the romantic necklace to wear proudly as a badge of honor. :)

And just because I was in a good mood today, I had Jim reach right back in the bag and draw another name. New friend Susan Cook was the name drawn out of ye ol' hat, and she'll be getting a $50 hotel gift card.

Thank you to everyone who played, and keep an eye out for new contests. I still have a contest for those who write reviews of the book on Amazon and my Facebook page, so some of you have a shot at that prize! Details here:

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  1. congrats to the folks who are not me who won the contest. yay you...


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