Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Local Fame

In case you didn't see it on my Facebook or Twitter posts, here's a link to a newspaper article (that was featured on the FRONT PAGE of my hometown paper) about me and The List.

Read the article

I'll be adding this to my press kit shortly.

The article mentions that I'll be appearing as an exhibitor with my romantic comedy book at the 2009 Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, Va on March 21. I have no idea how many books to take with me. I'm open to suggestions. :) Do people sell a lot of books at book fairs, or mostly network?

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  1. I would ask the festival's PR dept this question. They should have someone who has the stats on how books sell. (It's info we had to provide for exhibitors at our confrences back in my working days).
    I would have to believe that if someone is interested in buying the book, you're more likely to get the sale if you have the book there rather than direct them to someplace else to buy it.


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