Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday 13, My To-Do List

I leave for Amsterdam and Belgium in 5 days! Woot! I'm excited for the trip, but I have lots of things to do before I go. You know this site is all about my book, THE LIST, but I now have a list of what I need to do before next Tuesday.

1.I have to schedule the posts for my GUEST BLOGGER! That's right, come back next Wednesday, and then Thursday for the Thursday 13 to meet Kimber Chin. She's also a romance novelist, and publishes her works in the form of ebooks. She's a hoot, and I think you'll enjoy her posts. You can learn more about her before-hand by visiting her Website.

2. I need to make sure my favorite PJs are washed and ready to go.

3. I also have to make sure that the rest of the clothes I want to take are laundered. I hate laundry, btw.

4. I need to exercise a bit more. Walking in Europe is exhausting. And I'm sure all the biking will take a toll on my bottom. I'm hoping that my recent walking and biking endeavors here at home will lessen the pain.

5. I need to make sure all our tickets and passports are ready to go.

6. I need to start my "packing pile." Days before actual packing begins, I start piling up items that I'm likely to forget.

7. I need to print out my nice Excel packing list - yes, I have a list for that, too. It includes little boxes for me to check off when I've packed a certain item.

8. I need to confirm with the pet sitter that Pooh Bear will indeed get fed, and the occasional head scratch.

9. Need to print out our Dutch travel words, so I can at least try. I know "thank you" and "hello" and "please" so far. And interestingly enough, "toilet" in Dutch is almost exactly like it is in French. Good think they speak English over there. However, I do like to try and not be the conceited American and make an attempt.

10. I need to decide which book I'm going to take for the plane. I have so many to read, but several are signed by the authors, so I don't want to risk losing them.

11. I have to finish my current book, TURN COAT, by Jim Butcher before I go. No problem, because it's so good. I'll likely be done quickly.

12. I need to keep checking the weather, and crossing my fingers for sunshine and very little rain.

13. I need to post about my new book selling plan. For every purchase of THE LIST between now and the time I return, I am donating part of the proceeds to my hometown food pantry. So, if you've been thinking of getting a copy of THE LIST, now's a good time!

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  1. Safe journey! Take lots of pics!

  2. I like Jim Butcher's books too. Have a good trip.

  3. I get a mix of excitement and relief that I'm not going, that's how I feel about traveling, love the idea and doing of it but not so much the planning and pre-travel days.

    Drink a beer for me in Belgium. They have the best.

  4. I make an excel spreadsheet for when we travel too. I have a column for each day and then a row for each thing that I need... socks, shoes, shirt, etc... Then I check that off when it gets in the suitcase. DH thinks I'm crazy, but I never forget anything and I usually don't have too much extra packed...unless I don't know what kind of weather to expect and have to pack for warm & cold.

    Have a great trip!

  5. You crack me up - #3 making sure the rest of your clothes are laundered too - not just the PJ's - you could get by in Amsterdam with just your PJ's or less in certain districts I've heard!

  6. Sounds like a fun adventure - be safe and enjoy!


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