Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday

What is it about weekends that makes them fly by so quickly, while weekdays seem to drag along? I guess it's the "time flies when you're having fun" theory.

It was a good weekend. On Friday, I did a co-hosting stint on LitChat, search for #LitChat on Twitter, or view the transcript on the LitChat blog. It was a lot of fun!

Because of that chat, I networked with lots of new people. Including a representative for several local Virginia newspapers. We're going to see if one of them might interview me about my book. Fingers crossed!

And then on Saturday, I got a copy of my sorority alumni magazine, The Quill, and there was a little snippet on me and THE LIST!

Plus, it was just a gorgeous weekend, so all was good.


  1. that's so sweet about you being in the alumni mag. Congrats! Perhaps your sisters will buy a bunch of copies. :D

    I have a feeling that my week is going to go fast when I don't want it to. We'll see.

  2. Hi Carmen! In answer to the question posed on my blog this morning, yes, I am -- Beta Psi chapter alum, Carroll College (WI). :)


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