Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday 13, By Guest Blogger Kimber Chin - Another List. :)

Candace, in Carmen's novel The List, has a list of 50 qualities she wants in a man. I'm happily married to the man of my dreams but my heroine, Maeve, in Invisible is looking. Well, actually she's NOT looking and that's part of the problem. But if she DID look, these would be her requirements (for fun, lets see how our hero Hagen stacks up)…

Thursday 13 – Maeve's List Of Requirements For The Perfect Guy

1) The perfect man knows the less said the better.
Hagen: Silence is to be filled with words, many, many, many words.

2) The perfect man accepts that there is no reason to discuss the past. It is over and done with.

Hagen: As an antique dealer, I know that the history of any object adds to its value. I apply the same concept to people. The more I know their past, the tighter our bond.

3) I don't like to be touched. The perfect man would respect that.
Hagen: Why would women be so soft and rounded if they weren't meant to be cuddled with?

4) Loyalty to people is everything. The perfect man would kill for me.
Hagen: I completely agree. I would do anything for my loved ones. That's why I'm spending three weeks with the most irritating woman on the planet.

5) The perfect man wouldn't want anything from me. Nothing at all.
Hagen: I share everything with my loved ones. What is mine is their's. What is their's is mine.

6) The perfect man would understand if I disappear for weeks at a time. He wouldn't ask questions.

Hagen: No freakin' way. I update everyone on where I am (and why). I expect the same.

7) My perfect man would love me.
Hagen: I made a mistake not marrying Isabelle. I plan to fix that. She's the perfect woman for me. Not some closed mouth green-eyed witch.

8) My perfect man would like to travel. Discretely. Without fuss.
Hagen: I like to travel. In my private jet. Big freakin' seats.

9) My perfect man wouldn't mind that I hang with sugar daddy mafia bosses and knife wielding vigilantes.

Hagen: My loved ones should be untouched by the unsavory sorts in the world. D--- it, I don't even cuss around them.

10) Sex is not a requirement for my perfect man.

Hagen: (Raises eyebrow) Do I even have to address this one? I'm a big guy with big appetites.

11) My perfect man wouldn't draw attention to himself.

Hagen: I'm built like a truck. I'm ugly as sin. I have more money than royalty. People staring is a given.

12) My perfect man would eat my cooking.
Hagen: See Number 10. I eat anything that's at all edible. (snorts) Not that the crazy woman cooks or anything.

13) My perfect man wouldn't leave me.
Hagen: The second we find the d--- deed, I'm never seeing this nutcase of a madwoman again

Named Love Romances And More's Rising Star for Spring 2009, Kimber Chin writes contemporary romances set in the sexy world of business. Her latest release, Invisible, is a contemporary treasure hunt romance through the world of hidden identities. A world where loyalty and love can be found in the most unexpected places. You can track her down on where she gives away her favorite eBooks, shares short stories, and posts photos of good looking men in business suits.

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  1. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen Kimber! Very nice list for your first post! Come on over and see mine. A little Easter left over.

  2. Awesome list!

  3. LOL! So these two are not a pair in the making.

  4. LOL Renee, they are SO a pair. They just don't know it yet!

  5. Kimber,

    This list is hilarious and so fitting for these two characters!
    Love it!


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