Monday, May 11, 2009

Fire Sale!

I ordered too many books for a recent book signing. Bad for me, good for you!

I have 10 copies that I will sign and ship to you for the bargain basement price of $13. (That's $3 off the Amazonprice, plus, it includes shipping.)

The first 10 people that post here that they'd like a fire sale copy will be my new favorite people, and will be taking advantage of my over-ordering. If you post here, you need to post an email, or a way for me to get back in touch with you (do you have a blog? leave that url, etc.).

What's THE LIST about? Excerpt links above, reviews on the review tab in the navigation and on Amazon page.



  1. Oh Carmen may I please have 2 copies :) One for me and one to share. Please and thank you. Let me know how much and where to send it. Thanks.

  2. I would love to have a was on my list to order this weekend and I didn't get to it. Lucky Me!!! Thanks!!! :)

  3. I'll definitely jump on this band wagon! Let me know how much to send where! Thanks!

    Oops - the site to find me at is ;)


Have you bought your copy of "The List" yet? Will you buy one if I beg? Pleeeeeeeze?