Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, time's up on a fantastic weekend of book orders and book signings. :)

My hands are tired, and I can't remember how to spell my name anymore, but I had such fun doing it. Everyone should have an "autograph" that is a little bit different than anyone else's. I wanted to make sure that everyone had their own special piece of The List.

I am mailing all the books on Monday, via Media Mail, so you should have them in your hands in about a week to read them.

Once you do read them, I would appreciate any and all reviews (even bad ones, how can I improve unless I get constructive criticism. Just don't call me an idiot or anything. Ha!) If you could sign in to using the link in the navigation, and write those reviews, I will be indebted.

If you missed the fantabulous booksigning, you can still order your copy using the link in the navigation above, which will take you directly to the page for The List

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