Thursday, January 29, 2009

13 Wacky Items on Candace's List

More and more people are telling me that the theme of the book really resonates with their life. Well, duh! ;) Everywhere I go people are telling me "My wife had a list!" or "My list has that!"

Here is a list of 13 things that are on Candace's list the main character in my romantic novel, The List. (They're in no particular order) You can now buy The List on Amazon, made easy thanks to this sentence of shameless self promotion.

1. Likes to hold hands
2. Has good taste in furniture
3. Doesn't live with Mom
4. Not a vegetarian
5. No tattoos
6. No piercings
7. Hair in the right amounts and in the right places
8. Good kisser
9. Not tone-deaf
10. Likes to dance
11. Has a steady income (no moochers!)
12. Good dresser
13. Taller than me

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  1. Doesn't live with Mom is definitely a bonus. Your hero sounds interesting.

  2. Love it! Don't we all have lists! Thanks for the comment; it made me happy ;)

  3. Hair in the right places...ummm, yah lol
    Happy T13!

  4. No tattoos and piercing ! Fortunately, I hate that !

  5. LOL! Love your list and love the sound of your book! I'm always happy for writers who are successful, and I'd definitely do whatever I can to help them out. Is your book coming out in mass market paperback? It would be more within my budget range.

  6. Doesn't live with mom....definite plus!

    Hair in right places...well, that one is great, but eventually, it's amazing where they get hair! LOL

  7. I don't see anything unreasonable about her list. I had a list but it was pretty short... I wanted someone with a good job, as least as smart as me or smarter(prefered)but not smug, and they had to drive a car that was in as good of shape as mine.

  8. Good list in my opinion! :)
    Thanks for visiting my meme TT.

  9. Let's's my list:

    1. Likes to hold hands: agree!
    2. Has good taste in furniture: no matter as long as he likes what I like.
    3. Doesn't live with Mom: probably not such a good thing ;-)
    4. Not a vegetarian: no worries, as long as he lets me eat what I like
    5. No tattoos: The more the merrier!
    6. No piercings: Fine with me.
    7. Hair in the right amounts and in the right places: except for the head, less is better!
    8. Good kisser: goes w/o saying
    9. Not tone-deaf: *shrugs*
    10. Likes to dance: *shrugs*
    11. Has a steady income (no moochers!): Yup!
    12. Good dresser: *shrugs*
    13. Taller than me: not important to me

  10. Sounds like an interesting read...

  11. I think the character will be great!

  12. How fun to learn a bit more about your character! Wow!!

  13. As a man, I couldn't help reading that list and seeing if it applied to me. And it does. 13 out of 13 (I'm 6'2" so I assume #13 applies). Except I'm not sure if I actually have a taste in furniture!

    I already own two books called "The List" so I suppose a third would complete the set!


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