Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virtual Book Tour Locations Needed

Hello blog readers!

Well, the big day is closer than I ever thought it would be. Less than 15 days (God willing and the creek don't rise!) until publication!

So here's what I'm planning to do to get the word out about the book! I'd like to do a book tour - viturally! I thought I'd take a trek around the world to different blogs where I could either answer questions posed by the blog author, do a guest post, or any number of creative things that I'm sure you'll think of that I haven't even pondered yet!

I'd like to take this virtual trek around the country, and around the world! I'd like to start the new year with the tour, and I'm looking for hosts!

Would you like to participate in the book tour? All you need is 1. a Website and 2. a willingness to participate. I'll also link up to you on this site, and post events on my Facebook fan page!

If you'd be interested, please leave a comment below with your Website, and I'll put the schedule together!


  1. Hey! I would be very happy to be a host for your blog tour. I think my email is on my profile.

  2. yup, I just checked and it is. :D

  3. Wishing you every success with this. I am not sure if I can help out, being that I'm not online much like I used to be but for just a few minutes in the morning, then off and on about 3 minutes later in the a.m. and the same for the afternoon. I actually shut things down at 4PM or there 'bouts each day anymore...otherwise I'd be on it way too long. Drs tell me to get up and do more instead of sitting at the computer.

    GOOD LUCK Carmen!!!!
    By the way, on your and hold down the 'alt' key and then click #3 on the numbers key this ♥ And you'll get an I ♥ Vegas!!!!

  4. That would be awesome! I'd love to play.


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